Yorkist History Trust


The Yorkist History Trust was formally constituted in October 1985 in order to ‘further education, learning, and research related to the history of late medieval England (and in particular the reign of King Richard III) and to disseminate the results of such education, learning, and research’.

We achieve this by offering grants to scholars researching and publishing on the fifteenth century (including funding research, providing grants for imaging and permissions, and contributing to publication costs) as well as publishing our own series of monographs and critical source editions. More recently, we have instituted a blog, The Trust On…, which includes updates on the ongoing work of the Trust including interviews with Trustees, authors, and grant recipients.

Our motto, ‘Quam meritorium sit libros novos scribere et veteres renovare‘, encapsulates the aims and values of the Trust, and may be translated as ‘How meritorious it is to write new books and renew old ones’.

The Trust was recognised by the Charity Commissioners and registered as chanrity number 327005 in February 1986.

Please use the following links to access further information about the Trust:

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