Lambeth Palace Library MS 474, f. 15r., Horae (Richard III),  15th century. Image courtesy of Lambeth Palace Library.

When considering your will, it is natural that you think of your family above all else. But you might also wish to leave a gift to a cause such as the Yorkist History Trust. Legacies like this – no matter how large or how small – are crucial to our continuing work.

By making a bequest to the Yorkist History Trust, you will help to secure our future and aid in:

•The funding of research and publications on late medieval England;

•The publication of Trust volumes (both academic monographs and critical source editions);

•The promotion of fifteenth-century studies and the dissemination of original research.

For those who choose to leave a legacy, the Trust will ensure that you are acknowledged and remembered as a benefactor.


You can give or bequeath to the Trust a sum of money, a share of your estate, or specific assets, such as a portfolio of shares or a property. You may also leave us a collection of specific assets from your estate, which would not be liable for Inheritance Tax. It is also possible to make a residuary gift, whereby the Trust receives whatever is left of your estate after you have made specific bequests to your family and friends or other causes.


Legacies and bequests are of great value to the Trust and the work we undertake. It is usually possible to add a simple codicil to your existing will, about which your solicitor can advise.

We suggest that you use the following wording: “I give to the Yorkist History Trust (registered charity number 327005), PO Box 6302, Newbury, RG14 9QU, a legacy of £x [or the residue of my estate] for charitable purposes”.

Donations can either be made anonymously or remembered attached to your name as a benefactor. In either case, we are happy to discuss privately how to fulfil any wishes you might have for the way in which the Trust uses your gift or bequest.


As the Trust is a charity, the value of any gift you make to us in your will is deducted by the Inland Revenue from the value of your estate before Inheritance Tax liability is calculated. This means that any money that would otherwise have been subject to this tax is instead used to support the Trust and our work.


If you are considering a gift or bequest to the Trust in your will and would like further information we are happy to discuss options with you. If you have already included the Trust in your will, we would appreciate being able to thank you for your generosity. In both cases, please contact our chairman, Dr Christian Steer, at christian.steer@york.ac.uk.

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